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Lobster hand

Lobster hand is a rare congenital deformity of the hand where the middle digit is missing, and the hand is cleft where the metacarpal of the finger should be. This split gives the hands the appearance of lobster claws. more...



Other names

  • Lobster claw hand
  • Lobster hand
  • Split hand deformity
  • Cleft hand
  • Ectrodactilia of the hand
  • Karsch-Neugebauer syndrome


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NCL first in fresh lobster - Cruise News - Norwegian Cruise Line offers guests opportunity to choose their own fresh lobster for dinner - Brief Article
From Cruise Travel, 5/1/02

Norwegian Cruise Line is taking its "Freestyle Dining" concept to a new level by giving guests an original, appetizing choice--the ability to choose their own fresh lobster for dinner.

At "East Meets West," the high-end Pacific Rim restaurant aboard the new, purpose-built Norwegian Sun, California/Hawaiian/Asian fusion creations go hand-in-hand (or claw-in-claw) with the live lobster tank. Guests can not only pick their own lobster, but also choose from a variety of preparations by the ship's culinary team, such as broiled with lemon-butter fondue, a la nage with hollandaise sauce, and wok-flashed medallions atop Udon noodles in a kaffir lime and lemon grass broth. The octagonal, saltwater lobster tank--a cruise-ship first, according to NCL--acts as the focal point for the restaurant's exotic and artistic layout, set amid hanging kimonos and Asian artwork.

For more information contact your travel agent or Norwegian Cruise Line (Cruise Travel Magazine), 7665 Corporate Center Dr., Miami, FL 33126; or log on to

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