Loughborough Grammar School's quad: only teachers and members of the sixth form can walk on the grassL.G.S. Crest
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Loughborough Endowed Schools (LES) consists of three independent schools in Loughborough, Leicestershire, United Kingdom — Loughborough Grammar School (LGS), a boys' day and boarding school, Loughborough High School (LHS), a girls' day school and Fairfield Preparatory School. more...

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The Grammar School was founded by a priest paid to pray for the soul of wool merchant Thomas Burton who died in 1496 (though it is often credited as 1495). The school moved to its present location in 1850, when it was then on the outskirts of town. A sister school, Loughborough High School for day girls only was also founded in 1850. A shared preparatory school, Fairfield Preparatory School, was founded in c.1980. Together these schools are collectively known Loughborough Endowed Schools and shared a board of governors.

The Grammar School has playing fields in Quorn, that it bought in the 1990s and like grammar schools plays rugby union and cricket, having given up football about 1910.

The Grammar School takes boys from 10+ through to sixth form, the major intake being in the first year. The school has a house system of four houses named after notable old boys; Abney, Davys, Pulteney and Yates; the houses are traditionally given equal standing.

The school has an active Combined Cadet Force which provides many armed forces officers, as well as a Scout troop, and active Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme. Cadets are taught how to use firearms against an imaginary enemy. School assemblies continue the promotion of Christian values. The school has also produced many junior bridge internationals.

The school celebrated its quincentenary in 1995 and was visited by HM The Queen. L.G.S. is also famous for expelling the war hero Air Vice-Marshall Johnnie Johnson.

The current headmaster is Mr Paul Fisher.

Notable old Loughburians

It has an old boys' association, the Old Loughburian's Association (OLA). Notable Old Loughburians include:

  • Rev. George Davys educator of Queen Victoria, later Dean of Chester and Bishop of Peterborough.
  • Johnnie Johnson (1915-2001) WWII flying ace
  • Peter Preston journalist
  • Marcus Rose, (born 1957) former England rugby union international full-back
  • Ben Hammersley, computing journalist.
  • Felix Buxton, one half of the dance duo Basement Jaxx, who recently was guest speaker at the Grammar School's Prize Giving
  • Mark Collett, neo-nazi. Currently in court undergoing trial for incitement to racial hatred.

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AFC reports
From Sporting News, The, 5/24/04

BALTIMORE RAVENS Several team officials say new offensive consultant Jim Passel has told coach Brian Billick that he doesn't know if QB Kyle Boller is the answer. But G.M. Ozzie Newsome wants Billick to develop Boner. For that reason, the team doesn't have interest in bringing in QB Kerry Collins, who played for Fassel when Fassel coached the Giants.... The club is interested in free-agent ILB Bernardo Harris. A knee injury kept him out of the 2003 season, but he performed well while filling in for an injured Ray Lewis in 2002. Harris can take on blockers and plug running lanes. He is a strong presence in the locker room. LINEBACKERS ANALYSIS: This might be the league's premier group, with two Pro Bowl selections and last year's defensive rookie of the year, Terell Suggs. Everything starts with Lewis. He's smart, plays from sideline to sideline, studies and prepares his teammates. MLB Ed Hartwell has good size (6-1,250) and range. OLBs Peter Boulware and Suggs are excellent pass rushers. They will line up at various spots to confuse pass-protection schemes. OLB Adalius Thomas is a great athlete and is relentless in pursuit. The team can use Cornell Brown as a run stopper on the outside, and Bart Scott is versatile enough to play inside or outside.--Mike Preston


BUFFALO BILLS After two minicamps, LGs Marques Sullivan, Ross Tucker and Mike Pucilio continue to alternate working with the first team. Sullivan has the most ability, but he needs to play harder. Tucker has good technique and a nasty streak. Pucillo has good mobility and the necessary toughness. The team wants to identify the starter before training camp.... Quarterbacks coach Sam Wyche loves rookie J.P. Losman's arm and ability to make plays on the move. But Wyche wants to sharpen Losman's throwing techniques and teach him to make better decisions with the ball. LINEBACKERS ANALYSIS: WLB Takeo Spikes, MLB London Fletcher and SLB Jeff Posey are versatile and form one of the few units that plays every down. Spikes is a devastating blitzer and has the strength to take on blockers, the speed to make plays all over and the range to play in coverage. Fletcher is undersized (5-10, 245) and can be overaggressive, but he's a sideline-to-sideline playmaker. He has the intelligence and instincts to diagnose plays. Posey has the size, strength and athletic ability to play in space or rush the passer, which he sometimes does as an end. OLBs Josh Stamer and Dominique Stevenson and MLB Angelo Crowell are raw, but they have potential.--Allen Wilson


CINCINNATI BENGALS The refusal to negotiate a long-term deal with RB Rudi Johnson is a mistake. He's a strong inside runner with good speed, balance and power. Johnson, who signed a one-year tender offer, should set up play-action for QB Carson Palmer. Johnson is capable of a 1,000-yard season.... LG Eric Steinbach is an outstanding athlete who pulls and traps with near-perfect technique. He has good body control, adjusts well to moving targets downfield and shows quick footwork in pass protection. Steinbach only needs to get more lower-body strength, which would help his leverage. LINEBACKERS ANALYSIS: The addition of MLB Note Webster gives the team a swift, intense hitter who has the speed and instincts to make plays from sideline to sideline. Webster is a little undersized (6-0, 230), but he plays with great energy and craves contact. SLB Kevin Hardy is back where he belongs after struggling in the middle. He has the strength and savvy to turn running plays inside. WLB Brian Simmons has terrific range. Look for him and Hardy to blitz more in an attempt to create more turnovers. WLB Khalid Abdullah and rookies MLB Caleb Miller and SLB London Johnson have the strength to shed blocks, fill gaps and cover.--Chick Ludwig


CLEVELAND BROWNS The need for the Browns to woo back disgruntled WR/PR Dennis Northcutt became more pronounced after a recent minicamp. Frisman Jackson, who will be the No. 3 receiver if Northcutt doesn't return, dropped too many passes. He might be a guy who gets comfortable in a pressure-free job as a seldom-used backup and melts when asked to step up. The team also hasn't found a replacement for Northcutt on returns.... Rookie LB Josh Buhl won't play much until he puts on weight and might end up moving to safety, but keep an eye on him on special teams. He was a playmaker at Kansas State, leading the nation in tackles last season. He's undersized (5-11, 195) but made up for that in college by reading and reacting. LINEBACKERS ANALYSIS: The team used three second-year players as first-time starters in 2003: MLB Andra Davis, WLB Ben Taylor and SLB Kevin Bentley. Davis led the club in tackles and was the team's MVP. Taylor showed a knack for making plays. Bentley flashed athleticism but struggled in pass coverage and will join Taylor and free-agent acquisition Warrick Holdman in vying for the weakside job. Look for Taylor to keep the job, with Holdman right on his heels. Chaun Thompson, who impressed the team as a rookie last year, will start on the strong side. He is strong, fast and athletic. If he falters, Brant Boyer, an undersized (6-1,230) playmaker, could step in.--Steve King


DENVER BRONCOS CB Champ Bailey was impressive at the team's first minicamp, wowing teammates and coaches with his speed and ability to break on the ball. The pressure will be on CB Lenny Walls on the opposite side. Quarterbacks will target Walls to avoid Bailey.... C Tom Nalen often gives up 20 pounds or more to defensive tackles, but he pushes them around as if they were on roller skates. Nalen's intelligence, quickness and hands are his best assets. He knows how to use an opponent's momentum against him. With line coach Alex Gibbs gone, the team needs someone to lay down the law during crunch time. Nalen can take on that role. LINEBACKERS ANALYSIS: MLB Al Wilson is entering his prime and is a team leader. Wilson will play every down; he can stop the run and cover backs and tight ends. Judging by his play at minicamp, rookie D.J. Williams will be an impact starter early on. He's big, fast, tough and all business. Expect him to play on the weak side, where he has the tools to be a playmaker and an excellent blitzer. The strongside starter likely will be Jashon Sykes. He was caught out of position on occasion last year but has improved and is gaining the confidence that will make him a playmaker. If Terry Pierce drops 10 pounds and can play both inside and out, depth won't be a problem. Donnie Spragan, the weakside starter last season, is not as fast or physical as Williams, but he's smart and steady.--Patrick Saunders


HOUSTON TEXANS The club is intrigued by rookie Ss Glenn Earl and Jammal Lord. Earl would have been the draft's second-rated safety if a knee injury hadn't cut short his senior season at Notre Dame. He showed good range and has a reputation as a big hitter. He could compete for a starting job as early as 2005. Lord, who played quarterback at Nebraska, likely is headed for the practice squad, but the coaches love his athletic ability.... In CB Kenny Wright (6-1, 205), the Texans have a savvy nickel back they can depend on if a starter is injured. He has good size and ball skills. What he lacks in speed, he makes up for with good instincts. He is coming off knee surgery, but it's looks as though he'll be ready by the start of the season. LINEBACKERS ANALYSIS: First-round pick Jason Babin is an outside linebacker with upside as a pass rusher who also is big and physical enough to make a difference in the running game. Babin's presence on the left allows the club to move Kailee Wong to the right, where he should get opportunities to rush the passer. Antwan Peek, who has good speed and is developing pass-rushing skills, likely will be the top reserve. The club is stout at inside linebacker with Jamie Sharper, who led the league in tackles last year, and Jay Foreman. Both are solid run defenders who can drop into coverage or blitz. The depth at inside linebacker was improved by the addition of DaShon Polk (Bills).--Carlton Thompson


INDIANAPOLIS COLTS Injuries to starting Ss Idrees Bashir and Mike Doss forced CB Donald Strickland to move to safety last year. Now, he's moving back to cornerback. Strickland is instinctive, aggressive and cocky. He'll compete with Joseph Jefferson and Nick Harper for the starting spots.... Look for WR Brad Pyatt to rebound from a season-ending neck injury and compete for an expanded role. Before getting hurt, he had emerged as one of the league's top kick returners. The next step for Pyatt is to become involved on offense. He seems suited to work out of the slot. LINEBACKERS ANALYSIS: Strongside starter Marcus Washington signed with the Redskins. David Thornton will move from the weak side and take over. It's unknown whether he can handle bigger tight ends. Questions abound on the weak side. Options include Cato June and rookies Gilbert Gardner and Kendyll Pope. The youthful makeup of the position makes it vital for MLB Rob Morris to excel. He has played well at times but occasionally has trouble shedding blockers and has provided few difference-making plays. Two valuable reserves are Jim Nelson and Gary Brackett. Nelson is experienced and can play all three positions. Brackett has emerged as a strong contributor on special teams and in the nickel package. Keyon Whiteside is another option.--Mike Chappell


JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS SS Donovin Darius has rejoined the team after boycotting six weeks of workouts as part of a contract dispute. The club found no takers for Darius in the trade market, mainly because of his high salary ($4.1 million) and the team's demand for a second-round pick next year. Darius likely will stick around this season, but don't expect him back in 2005.... The club considers RT Maurice Williams a cornerstone of its offensive line and would like to lock him up in a long-term deal. He has made an impressive comeback after breaking his leg in 2002. Williams is a smart, technically sound blocker who rarely gets overpowered. LINEBACKERS ANALYSIS: MLB Mike Peterson undermined doubters--who said he was too small (6-2, 232) and would wear down--with an outstanding season. He led the club in tackles and interceptions. WLB Akin Ayodele, another quick playmaker, can put a hand on the ground and rush off the edge on obvious passing downs. Free-agent acquisition Greg Favors (Panthers) is expected to start on the strong side because of his experience and strength against the run. The team thinks second-round pick Daryl Smith can challenge Favors for the starting spot after making a strong impression during a recent minicamp. Smith doesn't have great speed, but he's relentless and has good instincts. Free agent Tommy Hendricks (Dolphins) will be counted on heavily on special teams.--Bart Hubbuch


KANSAS CITY CHIEFS Helping receivers reduce dropped passes will be a focus in upcoming practices. Kansas City, which dropped more passes than all but two teams last season, puts so much emphasis on running after the catch that receivers sometimes try to run before the ball arrives. All of the receivers had problems, though Marc Boerigter suffered the most. He fights the ball as it approaches and has fundamental work to do. Johnnie Morton's drops hindered the team against the Colts in last season's playoff game.... WR Chris Horn is helping his prospects with a big season in NFL Europe. He has average speed and great hands, and he gets in and out of breaks well, separating from coverage. LINEBACKERS ANALYSIS: Look for bigger things from Shawn Barber on the right side. He had five sacks and an interception last season and should boost those numbers in a new scheme. He has pass-rushing skills and man-to-man coverage ability. Scott Fujita has good range and cover skills on the left side. The team missed MLB Mike Maslowski's defensive calls and tackling when he was injured in the second half of last season. Kawika Mitchell showed ability as a rookie while replacing Maslowski but often was out of position. Third-round pick Keyaron Fox has ability but can't be counted on for much this season. Monty Beisel, Quinton Caver and Fred Jones have played well on special teams but have little experience on defense.--Adam Teicher


MIAMI DOLPHINS The coaching staff underwent a major shuffle when offensive coordinator Joel Collier, who was suffering from a medical condition that led to exhaustion, was reassigned to running backs and Chris Foerster was promoted to coordinator. The team is running an offense installed by former coordinator Norv Turner, and Foerster, quarterbacks coach Marc Trestman and wide receivers coach Jerry Sullivan weren't with the team last season, which will put the staff in a hole.... SS Sammy Knight will take on an expanded role, calling the coverages, because of the departure of FS Brock Marion to the Lions. Knight is intelligent but isn't very fast and doesn't cover in open space very well. LINEBACKERS ANALYSIS: MLB Zach Thomas, one of the best in the game, is a tackling machine and good in coverage. Though he's not fast, Thomas plays with great instincts developed from studying opposing teams. WLB Junior Seau was effective last season. He's still a good player but isn't the dynamic player he was years ago. On the strong side, Morlon Greenwood lacks the instincts of Thomas and Seau, but he has improved and is a good athlete. The backups are young. Eddie Moore missed all of last season because of a foot injury but looked solid in training camp. The team added depth by drafting S Tony Bua, who will be moved to linebacker, and Derrick Pope.--Jason Cole


NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS The club added offensive line depth by signing G Bob Hallen (Chargers), who has started for most of his career. At the least, he should provide insurance behind RG Joe Andruzzi and LG Russ Hochstein. With a good camp, he could unseat Hochstein.... The club was lucky to land free-agent P Josh Miller (Steelers). Miller can drive the ball, which former P Ken Walter couldn't do, and can pin the ball inside the 20. In a pinch, he can kick off. LINEBACKERS ANALYSIS: OLBs Mike Vrabel and Willie McGinest are ideal for coach Bill Belichick's 3-4; they are big enough to play on the line and engage blockers and still quick enough to chase a receiver or ballcarrier in the open field. Tedy Bruschi is an unconventional inside linebacker, but he gets the job done with his quickness and instincts. ILB Roman Phifer is an ageless wonder and remains consistent in coverage. Ted Johnson is the classic run stuffer and fits nicely into a rotation with Bruschi and Phifer. OLB Matt Chatham is an emerging backup. The wild card is OLB Rosevelt Colvin, who suffered a season-ending hip injury early last year. He should be back this year, but it's not known how much of his burst he'll retain. If he comes through, the Patriots will have a quick outside pass rusher who has put up double-digit sacks.--Michael Felger


NEW YORK JETS RB Curtis Martin, 31, remains effective because his game is predicated on vision, balance and elusiveness rather than speed. Even though his yards per carry and touchdown totals have declined the past two seasons, the club is confident he can be the feature back for at least one more year. To combat his recent trend of slow starts, Martin will get more carries in the preseason.... The team likes rookie RB Derrick Ward, a potential sleeper. At 5-11, 233, he has excellent size and shows good vision and instincts, making him a strong candidate for the fifth backfield spot. The level of his collegiate competition, NAIA, is a concern. LINEBACKERS ANALYSIS: This should be the team's most improved unit. SLB Victor Hobson, MLB Sam Cowart and WLB Eric Barton are the starters. Cowart will face competition from first-round pick Jonathan Vilma, who is undersized (6-0, 233). However, the Jets will play a scheme that covers him up--the tackles will occupy the center and guard, enabling the middle linebacker to run and hit. If Vilma is protected, his speed and instincts will make him a tackling machine. Cowart hopes to resurrect his fading career and probably is in his final year with the team. The Jets thought Hobson was the best strongside linebacker in the 2003 draft, but he lacks speed. Barton can play on every down and could be a positive addition. Overall, speed has been upgraded significantly.--Rich Cimini


OAKLAND RAIDERS RB Tyrone Wheatley probably won't win the starting job unless he proves he can be an every-down back. The more likely scenario involves using Wheatley, Justin Fargas and Amos Zereoue in a rotation that plays to each back's strength. Wheatley and Fargas would get most of the carries, with Zereoue used more as a receiver out of the backfield.... TE Teyo Johnson will be counted on more in his second season. Because of his size (6-6, 255), leaping ability and speed advantage against linebackers, Johnson should become an excellent option in the passing game. LINEBACKERS ANALYSIS: The personnel and scheme are being overhauled. OLBs Bill Romanowski (released) and Eric Barton (free agent) are gone. Dwayne Rudd and Travian Smith will start on the outside; Napoleon Harris and Danny Clark will play inside. The presence of T Ted Washington and the new 3-4 scheme will help Smith and Harris against the run--they were inconsistent last season. Coordinator Rob Ryan wants his linebackers to be more aggressive and blitz more. Smith is the key because of his speed and strength. He is an adept blitzer who has a knack for getting to the quarterback. Rudd and Clark are serviceable players who should fit in well. Shurron Pierson, Tim Johnson and DeLawrence Grant will challenge Rudd and Clark for playing time, though none of the backups appears polished enough to start.--Steve Corkran


PITTSBURGH STEELERS By skipping minicamp for personal reasons, WR Plaxico Burress upset coach Bill Cowher. But it should not affect Burress' role. Despite a mediocre 2003, he is the team's best deep threat, and his size (6-5, 229) and speed often draw double-teams. That creates space for standout WR Hines Ward.... QBs Tommy Maddox and Ben Roethlisberger will make the team, meaning Charlie Batch and Brian St. Pierre will battle for one job. St. Pierre lacks arm strength, but he's accurate. LINEBACKERS ANALYSIS: Last season wasn't its best, but this unit still is a strength. For it to remain that way, LOLB Clark Haggans will have to show he can be a full-time player because Jason Gildon likely will be released. Haggans has good strength and pass-rushing ability but lacks explosiveness and top-end speed. Alonzo Jackson, because of his quick feet, likely will replace Haggans on third down. ROLB Joey Porter dropped into coverage more last year, and that negated his great blitzing skills. Coordinator Dick LeBeau is back with the team, so Porter again will be turned loose. ILB Kendrell Bell is an explosive hitter and a big-play threat, but he's a liability in coverage, and it has been a struggle to find the right niche for him. ILB James Farrior led the team in tackles and excels at sifting to the ball. Backups Clint Kriewaldt, who's too slow, and Larry Foote, who's too small, aren't capable replacements.--Gerry Dulac


SAN DIEGO CHARGERS Jason Fisk has been working at defensive end after playing tackle his entire career. The switch occurred because, at 295 pounds, he lacks the size and strength to consistently hold up at nose guard in the team's new 3-4 scheme. Fisk is more suited for a 4-3 set, where his quickness makes him a capable two-gap player.... The competition at free safety is shaping up to be a good one. Hanik Milligan missed his rookie season (chest), but he has good size (6-2, 200), and the staff is high on him. Kwamie Lassiter combines experience, physical play and range, but Jerry Wilson might have the greatest coverage skills. LINEBACKERS ANALYSIS: Randall Godfrey and Donnie Edwards will start inside. Godfrey is strong at the point of attack, rangy and knows how to shed blocks. However, he has durability issues. Edwards is being moved inside because the staff wants the more physical Steve Foley at the rush spot on the weak side. Foley is fast, physical and tough, but he still must show he can get to the passer. SLB Ben Leber is physical and mobile but must improve his ability to shed blocks and cover. Zeke Moreno, the top reserve, has instincts but lacks range and isn't strong at the point of attack. A player to watch is rookie Shaun Phillips, a pass-rusher deluxe. Another youngster who could play in the 3-4 is Stephen Cooper.--Jim Trotter


TENNESSEE TITANS Since being criticized by coaches and teammates for not working out enough at the team's complex in the offseason, DT Albert Haynesworth has been seen there more of late. If that continues, there will be no hard feelings when training camp arrives.... Even if the club keeps RB Eddie George, RB Chris Brown will face increased expectations. Brown struggled because of a hamstring injury last season and must show he can stay healthy. He's quick to the hole and makes decisions quickly. He will have to continue to get stronger at the point of attack, and the club hopes added strength will give him more durability. LINEBACKERS ANALYSIS: This is one of the club's deepest positions. WLB Keith Bulluck is coming off of a Pro Bowl year and still is on the upswing. He's quick to the ball, finishes plays and is one of the best cover linebackers around. SLB Peter Sirmon makes the right adjustments before the snap and keeps the front seven aligned. MLB Rocky Calmus is savvy, and with some added strength, he will continue to progress from 2003, his first year as a starter. MLB Brad Kassell is one of the club's best tacklers. He pushed Calmus hard last season and is one of the club's best special teams players. Rocky Boiman will play as a rush end in some packages. He would play more for some other teams, but he is stuck behind Bulluck and Sirmon with the Titans.--Jeff Legwold


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